Scan2Inventory – asset tracking software: overview

Functionality overview of the solution for inventory and asset management system by bar code Scan2Inventory.

Menu for management of assets and asset categories ; retrieval of asset status (delocated, deleted, manual entry) ; printing of lists ; management of users and roles ; overview of the structure for assets and locations ; search methods by assets or by locals/departments. Reporting for assets and printing of reports. Trial version: get your free inventory software here!


Your initial inventory in a few clicks

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Description: Initial inventory taking in a few clicks. An assistant or wizard guides the user through the different stages of the inventory (name inventory taker, inventory date). Data sending to the mobile device. After the inventory taking the user picks up the data in Scan2Inventory and can view the data in function of their bar code, status (found or not found, working or broken, new asset…). All asset characteristics are integrated and linked to the individual assets.

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