Multi-user version (Client/Server) download

What is this version?

This version is different from the single-user version, which you can use on 1 PC for 1 user (like the trial version). You can install the multi-user version on a server and choose the type of database you wish to use (ORACLE - MSSQL - MySQL 5.1 - SQLite). You can then give access to the application to an unlimited number of users within your organization.

Is it mandatory to change from single-user to multi-user version?

No, you are free to chose the type of use you wish to make of Scan2Inventory (1 PC or Client/Server).

Is it possible to change from single-user to multi-user later?

Yes, but you will lose the already encoded data in your single-user version because you change database.

How to buy a multi-user version licence key?

In "My account", click on "Buy Assets" if you want to be able to inventorize a greater  number of assets or click on "Buy Maintenance" if you wish to extend your current licence to another 1 year. You will get to the usual "Buy online" form and the price will be automatically calculated in function of you current licence. Notice: keep in mind to select the right type of version when ordering a new licence key.

Is this version without any additional costs?

Yes. There is no other impact on the prices. The price still depends on the number of assets you wish to manage and the add-ons you bought to extend the use of the software.


→ Download the multi-user version (Client/Server)