Scan2Inventory for your company

Software for inventory and asset tracking... and much more. Do more than just an inventory... Tailor the tool to meet your needs!

Company inventories: frequently a necessary evil and an obligation. Make inventories and accounting reconciliation statements easier with Scan2Inventory.

On top of doing inventories, use it for other applications to identify and track your company's assets and services.

No more need for a dozen different applications, consolidate your asset data in one place and extend the ways you use the software according to your needs!

In addition to inventories, use Scan2Inventory for :

  • Inspections
  • Monitoring office moves
  • Traceability
  • Document tracking
  • Tracking services
  • stores


A flexible software for inventory that can be configured to your needs

Designed to be easy for end users to pick up, Scan2Inentory's user-friendly interface allows you to adapt it to your company's changing needs :  

  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-company 
  • Data from your previous inventory can easily be included
  • Easy to set up a customized structure
  • Ready to use and upgradeable in accordance with your need
  • Easy to install and use


Single-PC or Client/Server version: without any additional cost

Choose to install Scan2Inventory in single user version (1PC, 1 user) or multi-users version (Client/Server - unlimited number of users, ORACLE, MSSQL, MySQL 5.1 databases).