Scan2Inventory for public organisations and local authorities

A simple, user-friendly asset management system for performing initial and periodic inventories which can generate the reports you need to manage your asset base and to do accounting reconciliations.

Experience of the semi-public and public sector

Scan2Inventory is already used in public and semi-public organisations. This hands-on experience enables us to provide specific data hierarchies for the most frequently used assets in your sector:

  • Equipment, furniture, supplies, IT…
  • Features including the ability to attach photos of works
  • Tracking of road repair services
  • Dendrology: keep a track of local tree planting
  • … and many more specific uses including police and hospital zones

Inventory management system in single-user or multi-user version

A simple installation enables organizations of all size to install and directly make use of the software. The price remains unchanged and depends on the number of assets to manage for:

  • Single-user version (1 PC, 1 user): ideal for small organizations
  • Multi-user version (Client/Server) with unlimited number of users. Database choice: ORACLE, MSSQL, MySQL 5.1, SQLite. Ideal for larger organizations.

Would you like to know more? We are familiar with your sector's tendering procedures. Tell us about your project!