Scan2Inventory, asset and inventory tracking software with a variety of applications

Basic use:

  • Initial collection of information about your assets
  • Periodic reporting on asset information

But you can also use it in the following areas :

Inspection    Documents    Moving premises  
  Tracking safety equipment
Maintenance monitoring
Security event reporting
  Archive box tracking
Mail in/out
Asset transfers…
Service provision    Traceability    Basic stores & stock
  Monitoring of services provided
Maintenance contracts
Fixtures and fittings inventories
  Tracking of equipment on hire
Fleet vehicle contents
  Physical inventory count
Procurement monitoring

Software for inventory: Functionalities


Dynamic & open structure - ability to create:

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  • unlimited number of asset categories
  • unlimited number of asset characteristics/details
  • unlimited number of physical and/or organisational locations (room, department, etc.)
  • unlimited number of location characteristics

Simple, fast & multi-lingual:

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  • Ready to use: tree hierarchy of assets and their characteristics (furniture, equipment, supplies, IT,…) pre-loaded
  • Multiple languages managed
  • Accelerators for copying assets across to the PC interface and the mobile device
  • PC interface customisable by the user

Initial & periodic inventories:

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  • Create initial and periodic inventories
  • Check inventory using a PC interface or mobile device
  • Manage inventory workflow process (inventory in progress, unfinished, remaining, etc.)

Manage asset details:

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  • Access to all standard and/or specific information about assets
  • Create, modify and delete assets using the PC interface
  • Manage asset condition (working, broken, missing, etc.)
  • Manage groups of assets

Manage locations:

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  • Physical and/or organisational locations (by room, floor, building; department, etc.)
  • Manage moving premises and item location changes


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  • Asset movement history
  • Manage missing assets
  • Access to changes to the standard and/or specific information about an asset
  • Access to a list of assets using various different search methods (multi-criteria search, hierarchical search, etc.)
  • Access to changes to the standard and/or specific information about an asset or a location within a specific inventory
  • Encode characteristics fields on the PC interface and a mobile device to be mandatory or non-mandatory
  • Manage a characteristic internally, i.e. not encoded using the via a mobile device but using the PC interface

Reports & printouts:

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  • Print standard or specific reports
  • Export standard or specific reports
  • Send standard or specific reports by e-mail
  • Select report date format
  • Print an asset record

Using barcodes:

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  • Identify assets using barcode labels
  • Choose different Barcode Label masks for assets and locations
  • Manage different types of barcodes (EAN, UPC, Code39, Code 93, MSI Code, UPCA, EAN8…)

Managing users:

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  • Unlimited number of users in multi-user version (Client/Server)!
  • Manage asset users
  • Manage moving premises and movements of users' assets
  • Manage Scan2Inventory user rights

Mobile inventories:

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  • Automatic inventory data capture thanks to scanning using a mobile device
  • Automatic installation of software components on mobile device
  • Automatic transfer of initial or periodic inventory data to the mobile device
  • Choose order in which questions about assets appear on the mobile device
  • Choose whether to update an asset when uploading to a PC

Documents, images & photos:

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  • Catalogue with scanned images of assets captured
  • Link one or more photos to an asset
  • Link one or more documents to an asset

Flexible data hierarchies:

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  • Adapt the standard data hierarchy to your requirements with ease
  • Export data hierarchies for different types of assets with their characteristics
  • Import data hierarchies for different types of assets with their characteristics
  • Import specific Scan2Inventory software for inventory data hierarchies for different business types


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  • Database choice for same price
  • Single-user version: installed on 1 PC (1 user)
  • Multi-user version (Client/Server): installation on chosen database ORACLE - MySQL 5.1 - MSSQL - SQLite (embedded version).