When you download the free version of Scan2Inventory, it is ready to use. After you buy an activation key to manage more than 30 assets, you can then add extra components which you can use for even greater speed and ease of use.



Functional add-ons
 Additional data hierarchies   
  • IMPORT TO Scan2Inventory 

Import ALL your data from previous inventories into Scan2Inventory easily using this add-on.  IMPORT TO Scan2Inventory enables you to  import  your existing asset and location data hierarchies with ALL the characteristics assigned to them.

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Links with the fixed asset records in the PIA business accounting software by software publisher ORDIGES. Connectors to other accounting applications are under development.

Would you like a connector for your business accounting software? Contact us to find out about availability.

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Enhance Scan2Inventory with data structures that are specific to your profession or business sector. These preconfigured data hierarchies for assets and their associated characteristics provide significant time savings and even greater ease of use. And they're free!


  • Hospital H.
    Examples of assets: medical equipment, hospital furniture, etc.
  • Police Zones H.
    Examples of assets: vehicles, radar guns, video/radio equipment, etc.


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